How do you want to Santa to visit?

Phone Call

Fill out the Santa questionnaire and Santa will call knowing all kinds of personal information only he could know.
(from 1 to 5 kids - any age)

From $50
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Meet and Greet

Good for business open house or company party.
(Sit on Santa's lap, tell him what you want for Christmas)
Great family photo op!

From $125
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Family Visit

Santa brings in presents (that you slipped into his bag) and tells a story, sings songs, and has the kids sit on his knee for a great photo op as they tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

From $175
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Family Visit
(Naughty/Nice List)

Same activities as the Family Visit but Santa, mom, and dad have spoken earlier and Santa talks to the kids about them being on the naughty or nice list.

From $225
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Christmas Eve Surprise

Oh, no, Santa shows up "too early", and then kids wake up and catch him in the act on Christmas Eve.

From $325
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